Signs that Your Loved One Needs Cocaine Detox

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You know that your loved one is using cocaine, but how bad is it? Do you know how much and are they dependent on it to function on a daily basis? What are the signs you should watch for and be aware of to know if someone you love is dependent or addicted, and requires cocaine detox?

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What is Cocaine and what are the Effects?

Cocaine Detox

If your loved one is stopping use of cocaine they should seek detox help.

Cocaine is a white powder substance, which is a stimulant and produces a feeling of euphoria and energy. Cocaine is one of the most expensive street drugs and over the past decade has been used more frequently. For those who use this drug regularly, you may begin to notice certain patterns of behavior, which may trigger you to wonder if the person is becoming addicted. One such behavior is insomnia; it develops over time with repeated use. Due to the fact that the person is now sleep deprived this then leads to some psychotic behaviors such as delusions and hallucinations. The National Institute on Drug Abuse produced an informative guide, which is helpful in identifying certain behaviors, patterns and effects of cocaine abuse and addiction.

As with any type of drug addiction, cocaine addiction will have long-term health effects, difficulties with one’s social life and it can lead to legal or criminal issues. An addict’s behavior, which could be dangerous, will mainly focus on getting the drug for their next “high”. The risks that they may take to do this could indicate to you or someone else that your loved one has an addiction and needs help.

Variety of Behaviors Associated with Cocaine Addiction:

  • Always having some type of drug paraphernalia on them such as pipes, Ziploc bags or straws
  • Frequent or unexplained nose bleeds
  • Loss of appetite therefore becoming very unhealthy
  • They believe they have this incredible strength or power
  • They may feel as though there are bugs crawling on their skin but there is nothing there
  • Frivolous or risky types of behavior which could lead to HIV, AIDS, Hepatitis or some sexually transmitted diseases
  • They may have darkened areas on their fingers or mouth due to smoke burns
  • An agitated or violent behavior pattern
  • Legal issues, such as drug possession, driving while under the influence, public intoxication or even public fighting
  • They may also have some serious financial issues such as not paying bills

As the addiction worsens the amount of cocaine your loved one may use and how frequently they use it or feel the need to use it increases. The warning signs become more and more apparent and this is a sign they will need help. If your loved one exhibits any of the signs mentioned you should seek treatment programs that can help them and try your best to get them to accept the assistance.

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