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Interlink Counseling Services Inc Louisville KY

8311 Preston Highway
Louisville, KY 40219


Interlink Counseling Services Inc. (ICS) is a private, nonprofit, State Certified organization formed to minister hope and recovery to troubled people from all walks of life.

Service Setting

  • Residential Detoxification
  • Outpatient Detoxification


  • Cash or Self-pay


  • Sliding Fee Scale
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Primary Focus

  • Addiction Recovery Treatment
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Services Provided

  • Alcohol & Drug Detox
  • Homeless Program
  • Harmony House Residential
  • Genesis House Transitional Living
  • Individual Counseling
  • Case Management
  • DUI Services
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Type of Care

  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient

About Interlink Counseling Services Inc

ICS is an advocate of the homeless, a therapeutic organization for chemically dependent people, and a resource agency for the community. ICS is dedicated to the philosophy that effective treatment can be best achieved by interaction with community resources and service providers. This interaction allows ICS to utilize state-of-the-art treatment protocols, addressing the latest treatment trends. ICS emphasizes the ministry of developing social service programs designed to promote client self-sufficiency through networking staff and community.

ICS is designed to provide a therapeutic environment to meet the emotional, physical, spiritual and social needs of all people for recovery. ICS provides necessary education, goal setting, counseling and vocational assistance to enhance the participants feeling of self-respect and dignity, empowering people to gain self worth and to realize their potential. ICS encourages clients to gain understanding and make applications of AA, NA, GA, and other support systems in their ongoing treatment program.

Interlink has a staff of professionals dedicated to providing a comprehensive plan of integrated care for individuals and families. Our team is there to help if you or a loved one suffers from an addiction or a mental health issue. With a combination of caring staff members and proven treatment programs, Interlink can establish the steps needed to reclaim your life, boost your self-esteem, and put you on the path to lasting recovery and the successful management of your daily life.

Interlink provides chemical dependency treatment and education through in-patient and outpatient programs. Our transitional residential programs are designed to provide support in a structured environment that facilitates the recovery process. Interlink clients reside in a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. In using a holistic approach, residents are encouraged to consider all aspects of their being during their healing process – physical, psychological, social, and spiritual. Residents participate in relapse prevention, chemical addiction, life skills, and social reintegration educational sessions including group and individual counseling and case management.

We also provide a variety of outpatient services such as marriage and family therapy, group counseling, and case management along with DUI offender education.

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