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Kentucky Detox Centers for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

There are a lot of people who still believe addiction is the sign of a weak will. These people think sobriety is simply a matter of wanting it bad enough. But, that’s not the case. It is incredibly difficult to decrease or end drug use because of the withdrawal symptoms that are triggered. This is why detoxification is so important. The staff at these programs are trained and experienced in alleviating pain and keeping patients medically stable.

If you or someone close to you are ready to begin your recovery, Kentucky detox centers offer the care you need to achieve a drug- and alcohol-free state before entering formal, structured rehab. People seeking treatment in Bowling Green, London, and other cities in KY are in luck. Call 502-829-7982(Who Answers?) and get more info on how to find the right facility for their needs. You can call day or night and take the first step in your recovery journey.

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Why Choose Kentucky Detox Centers?

It’s incredibly natural for people to relapse when they are attempting to recover from drug and alcohol abuse. In fact, 40-60 percent of patients relapse. In many cases, withdrawal symptoms are simply too painful to be endured. But, a professional detox center in KS eases these symptoms and greatly increases an individual’s likelihood of achieving and maintaining sobriety.

These facilities also:

  • Keep patients medically stable
  • Simultaneously treat addiction and any other behavioral, mental, or medical issues
  • Provide emotional support
  • Use medications to alleviate pain
  • Help patients transition into excellent rehab programs

Kentucky detox centers literally enable people who could not otherwise jumpstart their recovery.


Drug & Alcohol Detox Statistics

  • In 2015, Kentucky had the 4th highest age-adjusted rate (29.9 per 100,000 population) of overdose deaths, indicating the importance of detox in helping people recover before it’s too late.
  • Among people enrolled in Kentucky substance abuse treatment (including detox) in 2013, 42 percent were present for drug addiction only, 18.1 percent for alcohol issues only, and 39.9 percent were there for both.
  • Between 2009 and 2013, 15,000 individuals aged 12 and older received treatment for an alcohol use disorder, including detox. This was only 8.2 percent of the people who needed it.
  • Between 2009 and 2013, 17,000 individuals aged 12 and older received treatment for a drug use disorder, including detox. This was only 17.5 percent of the people who needed it.
  • In 2013, 7 percent of people who entered treatment in Kentucky did so for outpatient detoxification and 5.8 percent did so for inpatient detox.

Treatment Approaches

4 step recovery process logo

Our helpline will ask you some simple questions and help you determine whether a particular detox center is right for you.


Caring treatment specialists will work with you to keep you comfortable during withdrawal to prepare you for recovery.


Therapy and counseling are provided to help you discover the core reasons behind your addiction and how to cope without drugs or alcohol.


Follow-up programs and continued attention to recovery assist you in maintaining a sober lifestyle following the treatment received in detox and rehab.

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How Long is Kentucky Alcohol Detox?

When you are deciding how much time you need, please be aware that detox is only the first stage. True recovery requires transitioning from detoxification into formal rehab. Be sure you allot time for both. Common rehab lengths include 30, 60, and 90 days.

In most cases, alcohol exits the body in seven to 10 days. However, there are people who have more complicated situations that require a longer period of detox. For example, if you have a medical or mental health issue in top of an alcohol addiction, you often require additional care. The same is true of particularly severe cases of dependence, as well. And, though many people don’t know it, previous detox period increase the intensity of withdrawal symptoms, requiring lengthy periods of detox.

Call 502-829-7982(Who Answers?) right now and get the help you need. Learn about Kentucky detox centers and find a match for your needs.

How Long is Kentucky Drug Detox?

Drug detox like alcohol detox varies in length. The following factors all play a role in how long your treatment needs to run:

  • Severity of addiction
  • Length of addiction
  • Secondary behavioral, medical, and mental conditions
  • Drug(s) being used
  • Number of substances being used
  • Addiction history

Be honest with yourself and the professional with whom you speak about detox. It’s important to admit the reality of your situation to ensure you get a sufficient amount of care.

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Detox Centers in KY

There are two types of Kentucky detox centers: inpatient and outpatient. If you choose inpatient detox, you are agreeing to live at the facility round-the-clock until treatment has come to a close. If you choose outpatient detox, you reside where you choose and are only needed at the facility during scheduled treatment activities, like support group meetings and educational sessions.

Outpatient treatment is great for people who have family responsibilities or a job to attend. The flexibility allows them to take care of obligations and detox. However, people who need medical assistance or require separation from their daily lives to truly focus on recovery do better in outpatient treatment.

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