Understanding the Types of Treatment at Christian Detox Centers

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Christian detox centers are rooted in the Biblical principles of faith, focusing on the healing powers of God to transcend an individual from addiction to recovery. Like, conventional detox programs, Christian detox centers have a wide variety of options available to detox safely, in the most comfort, and with effectiveness.

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Choosing A Christian Detox Center

There are many denominations in the Christian faith and while it may be more beneficial to find a Christian detox center that embraces your faith, it is not necessary. It’s not even necessary to be a Christian to attend a Christian detox center, although comfort is important to the recovery process.

Many people may disregard Christian detox centers for fear of conversion attempts, but, this should not be the case. Detox is only the first step in recovery. It’s up to the individual how much they will accept God’s guidance in the long run. At Christian detox centers, the supportive people, generally, have the capacity to meet the client where they happen to be in life, providing hope and optimism that change is possible.

Natural Detox or Medically Assisted Detox

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Prayer and biblical teachings are part of christian-based detox.

There are two ways to detox, naturally and through the use of medications to ease cravings and withdrawal symptoms or to treat other conditions that may be presented.

Many Christian detox centers promote natural detox methods in a safe, clean, and monitored environment providing love, guidance, and support through prayer, biblical teachings, faith, and worship intended to heal the person spiritually as well as physically and psychologically.

For those who have chronic alcohol or drug addictions, safety issues, are pregnant, or have co-existing conditions that require medical support, Christian detox centers are available to manage these needs as well as the spiritual aspects of healing. Some may provide inpatient services where the medical personnel are on site and others may have more limited access.

12-Step Recovery Approach

Christian detox centers often use the 12-step recovery approach based on the adopted principles from Alcoholics Anonymous. These steps begin with the recognition that one is powerless over their addiction or compulsions and that there is a higher power that can give them strength.

Christian detox centers provide the physical and psychological support to motivate a person toward recovery through the empathy, caring, and compassion, but, more importantly, they provide spiritual guidance through pastoral care and clergy members while the person turns things over to the will of God.

Alternative Therapy Options

While focusing on biblical principles, Christian detox centers offer many of the same treatment options found at traditional detox centers. Some may offer complementary therapy options such as detox approaches involving nutritional advancements, herbal remedies, acupuncture, massage therapy, art therapy, or yoga.

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