Methadone Detox Centers

At one time, methadone detox centers were one of the most common centers in the country when it came to treating opiate addiction. These methadone clinics popped up in major cities all over the country and were the hub for individuals who were addicted to opiates. While methadone was thought to be a highly effective method of treatment for opiate addiction, it was quickly learned that this drug, though effective, was also highly addictive and had a high potential for abuse. Because of the potential for abuse, methadone detox clinics are now not so popularly found throughout the country but there are still some areas where methadone is widely used to treat opiate addiction, however it is more heavily regulated than it was in the early 1990s when the drug first came out.

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Methadone detox centers provide two primary functions for addicts:

Methadone Detox Centers

Inpatient methadone detox centers are ideal for patients addicted to methadone.

(1) they provide those addicted to opiates with a safer alternative that can help to wean them off of the dangerous drugs such as heroin, prescription pain medications or opium and (2) they can help those who do become addicted to methadone itself to wean off of that drug too. Most people find themselves in a methadone detox center in an effort to get off the highly addictive substance, Methadone.

Inpatient and outpatient types of methadone detox centers can be found. Most of the time, when methadone is being provided as a means of helping patients to detox from opiates, the center will be in the form of an outpatient facility. When methadone the drug of choice for a patient and the idea is to help them get off that drug, an inpatient facility is typically chosen. Each type of methadone detox center can help patients with their opiate abuse and addiction in very different ways.

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