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What’s the Difference Between Free Detox Centers and Luxury Detox Centers?


Medical detoxification safely manages the acute physical symptoms of withdrawal associated with stopping drug use.” While this treatment is fairly straight forward, there are many different types of detox centers that may all provide different treatment options. One of the clearest distinctions among facilities is between free and luxury detox centers.

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Cost Differences in Detox Treatment

Many programs ask patients to pay a specific fee for their detox treatment, and often, this fee can be covered by insurance or it can be paid for through a sliding scale that the program and the patients agree to. However, there are two types of facilities that fall on either side of the cost spectrum:

  • Luxury detox centers provide treatment to patients at a much higher price than regular treatment. Although this may seem unnecessary, it can be highly beneficial to those who can afford it.
  • As stated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, “some facilities offer substance abuse treatment at no chargeā€¦ based on income and other factors.” These can include both addiction rehab facilities and detox centers.

Because drug addiction can cause severe financial issues for many individuals, it may be necessary for you to attend detox at a free clinic if you have experienced these types of issues. If you haven’t and you are able to afford luxury treatment, it is not always necessary, but it can often be a very positive experience. However, cost is only one of the major differences between free and luxury detox centers.

Treatment Options

Luxury Detox Centers

Luxury detox centers provide additional accommodations.

Free clinics are often less likely to offer additional treatment options than luxury clinics. Patients who are not able to afford executive treatment are often given the minimum of treatment options, usually including medication, drug education, and counseling. This is so free detox clinics are able to serve more individuals in need.

Luxury clinics, though, often offer a number of other treatments options to patients including holistic methods like yoga, acupuncture, massage therapy, and others. This is often because luxury detox centers want to give patients a number of options since they are paying more. Although, in addition to their regular program, free clinics sometimes offer vocational and housing help where luxury programs do not, as luxury programs do not often encounter patients who need these options.

Varying Accommodations

Facilities that are more costly often want to give patients the feel of staying in an extravagant hotel as they work through their detox; therefore, these facilities will normally provide luxury bedrooms, spas, and other amenities for patients. Free facilities cannot afford these types of accommodations, but many programs do allow patients to stay at the facility in order to receive 24-hour care in a controlled environment during the beginning of their detox.

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