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Are There Really Free Drug Detox Centers Near Me?


Yes, there are really free drug detox centers all over the country. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, addiction is an extremely expensive and growing problem in the United States. An addict in jail on a drug offense costs the taxpayers approximately $24,000 per year while drug treatment for one year for that same person costs only about $4,700 per year. Free rehab is just cost effective.

What do you Need to Receive Free Detox?

The first thing you need to receive free detox is an addiction. Although most free detox centers serve drug addictions, some do also accept other types of addiction such as gambling or sex addiction. Make sure the center you choose serves the type of addiction you have.

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Free detox centers will also require:

Free Drug Detox Centers

A free drug detox center can help you overcome addiction!

  • Income statementsmost free addiction treatment centers are income based.
  • A doctor’s statement – free rehabs often need a doctor’s evaluation to be sure that you are in fact an addict.
  • Proof of residency – some rehab centers require you to be a resident of the county or state you need treatment in.
  • Proof of employment or unemployment – you might need to prove that you are unemployed or employed.
  • Proof of expenses – if you have a home or expenses you might need to prove that you are paying a certain amount every month
  • Proof of need – most free rehabs are only free or will only accept you if you actually need treatment and do not have the money to pay for it.

These are just standard documents that you might need to enter a free rehab. Each rehab program has different requirements.

What are the Problems with Free Drug Detox Centers?

Free detox centers are not without their problems. Many people avoid free or government funded rehab because of these issues. A few of the issues are:

  • Bare bones care – there are no luxuries or amenities in free detox centers. They provide only the basics of treatment for individuals who need it.
  • Long wait times – since there are many people who cannot afford rehab, there are usually waiting lists for these types of centers. Most centers have a several month to year long waiting lists.
  • Poor patientssome patients in government rehabs are there by force. These patients tend not to want to get off drugs. They are only there because they were told to be to avoid jail time.
  • Inadequate staff – staffing problems are part of any government funded agency.

These are problems you will likely encounter in a free or low cost detox center.

What you can Expect in a Free Detox

You can expect basic treatment in a free rehab. The services they offer are ordinarily sparse and include:

These are the very basic rehab service needs. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, these are the things that adequate treatment consists of.
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