Benefits of Outpatient Detox Centers

Outpatient detox centers can be very beneficial in many ways. For someone who is considering attending detox, it is important to know that outpatient detox treatment is an option. Here are some of the benefits of this type of drug dependence treatment.

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Less Expensive

According to a study from the NCBI, some patients who meet certain criteria “may do well as outpatients without incurring the higher costs of inpatient treatment.” Generally speaking, inpatient facilities tend to be more expensive for both detox and addiction treatment. Many of these facilities are also privately owned, while many outpatient facilities are government-run or nonprofit facilities. 

The lowered expense can be a benefit for many individuals as drug abusers and addicts often are in financial dire straits to begin with.  According to CESAR, “The average heroin addict can spend up to $200 per day to maintain his or her addiction.”

Less expensive treatment often means those who originally would not have attended may have a better chance at recovery. 

Less Strict

outpatient detox centers

Outpatient detox allows for a more flexible schedule.

The treatment regimen may be as strict as those at inpatient centers when it comes to following them, but outpatient detox centers are less strict when it comes to where the patient can go and what they must do. Essentially, you will be expected to attend at a certain time (usually every day at first) and to take classes, attend counseling, and receive medication in most cases. After that, you can build your own day around your responsibilities and your devotion to your recovery. For many, this helps create a stronger recovery basis as you are choosing how you will respond to your daily life and its triggers while still working through treatment.

Different Lengths of Treatment 

In many cases, detox treatment will need to last a long time in order to be effective. According to Harvard Medical School, methadone, a medication which is used to treat opioid dependence, and the other treatments that are connected with maintenance for opioid abusers “can be continued indefinitely, or the dose can be gradually reduced in preparation for withdrawal.” 

With outpatient detox, it is often much easier, less expensive, and more practical to continue treatment for several months or a year and still live your life. This is an absolute benefit of attending outpatient drug detox. 

All Withdrawal Syndromes are Different 

Because all withdrawal syndromes are different, not everyone needs to attend inpatient detox treatment where they need to put their lives on hold. Of course certain drugs have withdrawal syndromes with high psychiatric severity (meth, cocaine, amphetamine) and others can create life-threatening effects (alcohol), but some individuals may not experience these issues. Other withdrawal syndromes as well may be difficult and painful, like opioid withdrawal, but could only last a week or so and are not life-threatening. This option is beneficial to those experiencing milder, less severe withdrawal syndromes. 

There are many benefits to outpatient detox which can last a week or so or as long as several years. With outpatient detox, many individuals who otherwise would have withdrawn at home, struggled with relapse, or not attempted to stop using at all because of the difficulty will have a way to receive detox treatment without putting their lives on hold or breaking the bank.

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