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Indiana Detox Centers for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Indiana residents—much like the rest of the United States—are struggling with substance use disorders. In cities like Fort Wayne and South Bend, many people need help for their addictions but don’t know where to turn. Fortunately, we are available to help you find detox programs that will allow you to put an end to your dependence on drugs and alcohol.

Detox is often the first step in addiction recovery, and it will help you start your treatment off on the right foot. All you need to do is call 463-255-6275(Who Answers?) to start your recovery journey.

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Why Choose Indiana Detox Centers?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, most treatment programs for addiction start with medical detox. This is because, without this essential step, it can be extremely difficult for patients to make an efficient recovery from addiction. Detox helps individuals put an end to their drug dependence in a way that is safe and effective.

  • Without professional detox, many people often relapse or do not wind up seeking addiction treatment.
  • Detoxing from any substance can be dangerous without the proper care.
  • We should not force addicts to “sweat it out” or go through detox alone in order to be stronger in their recoveries. In many cases, this can lead to a weaker resolve and often to relapse.

This is why you should choose Indiana detox centers over going through detox at home or staying on dangerous drugs of abuse. After all, dependence is a medical condition and should be treated medically.


Drug & Alcohol Detox Statistics

  • Between 2015 and 2016, the percentage of Indiana drug overdose deaths increased by 23.1 percent. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, this is a statistically significant number.
  • As stated by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration, alcohol is the most frequently abused substance in the state.
  • Among Indiana college students, 19.6 reported current use of marijuana.
  • 2.4 percent of Indiana high school students admitted to having used heroin at least once in their lifetime. 0.5 12th graders in stated admitted to having used the drug in the past 30 days.

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, only 10.4 Indiana residents aged 12 and older who needed alcohol dependency treatment received it between 2010 and 2014. Only 13.6 received illicit drug treatment.


Treatment Approaches

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Our helpline will ask you some simple questions and help you determine whether a particular detox center is right for you.


Caring treatment specialists will work with you to keep you comfortable during withdrawal to prepare you for recovery.


Therapy and counseling are provided to help you discover the core reasons behind your addiction and how to cope without drugs or alcohol.


Follow-up programs and continued attention to recovery assist you in maintaining a sober lifestyle following the treatment received in detox and rehab.

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How Long is Indiana Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox is one of the riskiest detox programs, partially because one cannot know if they will or will not experience delirium tremens for certain. This more dangerous syndrome does not usually occur until 72 hours after detox has already begun.

  • For these reasons, you must stay in alcohol detox for the duration of your treatment program.
  • You and your doctor will most likely work together to create an individualized treatment timeline for your safe recovery.
  • In many cases, this timeline usually lasts around several weeks, sometimes longer.

If you still have questions about alcohol detox, call 463-255-6275(Who Answers?) now.

How Long is Indiana Drug Detox?

Indiana drug detox can take varying amounts of time depending on the drug you were using. In addition, individuals who have become addicted to multiple substances will often need more time in treatment, as will those suffering from comorbid disorders like depression, anxiety, PTSD, or schizophrenia.

All in all, you can expect your detox program to last between a week or two to several months or more. It is important to discuss your specific situation with your doctor when you begin treatment in order to get a better idea for your overall Indiana detox timeline.

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Detox Centers in IN

Some people need to receive treatment in an inpatient detox center. These individuals are usually

  • Suffering from dual-diagnosis
  • Suffering from multiple substance use disorders
  • First-time detoxers (unless detoxing from alcohol)
  • Lacking a social support group of friends and family members at home
  • Lacking a home environment that is conducive to recovery

If none of these apply to you, then outpatient care may be an effective choice. It is important to consider whether or not more intensive care would benefit you, however, before making the choice.

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