Choosing a Drug Detox Center

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Are you or is someone you love addicted to drugs and in need of help? The very first step of overcoming addiction and getting back on the road to a life without drugs is to get the help of a drug detox center to overcome physical dependence on substances. Choosing a drug detox center is a rather difficult process that should be taken on with care to ensure the best possible outcome for the recovering addict. Some of the factors that you will need to pay close attention to when choosing a drug detox center include financial factors, location, insurance coverage, level of treatment and length of the program.

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Financial Factors to Consider when Choosing a Drug Detox Center

Choosing a Drug Detox Center

Attending detox far from home can help you avoid triggers.

Many of the considerations that surround the decision to attend one type of drug detox over another revolve around financial matters. You’ll want to consider your ability to pay for drug detox, the actual cost of drug detox and the availability of insurance coverage before making the final decision. When you call a drug detox center to get information about cost and pricing, make sure to find out EXACTLY what services will be included in the detoxification program for the cost. This way you will not be hit with any unforeseen expenses for things like medications or alternative therapies.

If you have insurance, contact your insurance provider to determine if you have coverage for drug detox. Most states require insurance companies to provide at least some coverage for first time drug detox so this could help to foot some of your detox bill. If you do have insurance coverage, make sure you ask the detox center if they accept the insurance that you have before you make your final decision.

Location Factors to Consider when Choosing a Drug Detox Center

For some, drug detox is best undergone close to home where they have access to their family support network but for those who may have little support at home or who actually have negative influences at home, it may be better to choose a drug detox center that is far from home. Various location factors come into play when choosing a drug detox center and all should be considered prior to making a final choice.

Level of Treatment & Length of the Program

Every individual will excel through detox at a different pace. Some may need only a few days to get through drug detox and overcome physical dependence while others may require weeks or even months. When choosing the best drug detox center for your individual needs you must consider the level of treatment that is provided as well as the length of the treatment that is being provided. Drug detox is provided on an inpatient and outpatient basis. The level of treatment that you need may be inpatient if you have extreme physical drug addiction or it may be outpatient if your addiction is only mild.

The length of time that it takes you to progress from complete physical dependence to a complete lack of physical dependence will also differ. Consider choosing a drug detox center that will accommodate your needs and which does not offer a one-size-fits-all treatment approach.

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