Drug Detox Clinics

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Some of the best methods of treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol are provided by drug detox clinics. During detox,the drug addicted individual will stop using drugs and allow the toxins from the drugs to naturally be removed from the body. The individual will continue to be physically dependent on drugs despite hours or even years of counseling if they do not stop using drugs and undergo a drug detoxification process. As long as drugs are still being used, drug detox will be necessary in order to eliminate any signs of physical dependence. Fortunately, drug detox clinics do provide patients with a safe and medically monitored environment where they can get the help that they need.

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Benefits of Drug Detox Clinics

Drug Detox Clinics

Drug detox clinics provide a safe, caring environment where patients can successfully overcome chemical dependence.

Drug detox clinics have many benefits and depending on your individual needs or type of addiction these benefits may be quite different from those which are experienced by another recovering addict. Some of the benefits of drug detox clinics include the safety and security that is provided by these facilities for patients during the detoxification process. Drug detoxification can be dangerous in some cases but when the process takes place at a drug detox clinic there is medical supervision and on the spot care when necessary which ensures the absolute safety of the patient during this difficult part of the addiction treatment and recovery process.

Other benefits of drug detox include the profound benefit of no longer being physically addicted to drugs. Detox reduces physical drug dependence so that the patient can be prepared for other methods of treatment that will assist them with understanding their addiction, recognizing the triggers that cause them to use drugs and ultimately learn how to live sober. None of these actions can be effectively taken when the individual is still suffering from physical dependence on drugs or alcohol.

Types of Drug Detox Clinics

There are two common types of drug detox clinics; inpatient drug detox clinics and outpatient drug detox clinics. Each detox program has many similarities with the primary difference being that the level of care and medical monitoring that is provided differs from one method of detox to the next. The methods of treatment that can be effective for some people may not have the same effective qualities for others. For instance, inpatient drug detox clinics do provide medical care on the spot at all times which is a very beneficial factor for those who are addicted to opiates, xanax and certain other drugs which cause very dangerous withdrawal symptoms during the detoxification phase. Outpatient drug detox clinics do not provide on the spot medical care but in more mild cases of drug addiction and detoxification such care is not often necessary.

Inpatient drug detox is typically a more expensive method of treatment than outpatient detox simply because it requires constant monitoring, supervision, housing and every aspect of living to be provided to the patient by the facility. The cost of room and board alone could become rather high in inpatient drug detox versus outpatient drug detox clinics which only provide daily or weekly services to patients. Most of the time, outpatient drug detox clinics provide things like medications, routine drug testing and limited support to assist the patient in continuing their sobriety and doing their best to stay away from drugs and alcohol.

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