What to Look for in a Drug Detox Center

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While drugs can impose like characteristics in behaviors of those addicted to them, many of the detox treatments will vary in their specialized treatment approaches. In order to gain the most successful outcomes, you’ll want to know what to look for in a drug detox center that can afford you the most benefits while keeping you comfortable and engaged in the recovery process.

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About Withdrawals

Withdrawals from drugs can produce a myriad of painful and unpleasant symptoms that are a reflection of rebound effects, generally opposite of the drug one became dependent on. For instance, cocaine and amphetamines give the person a sense of euphoric energy and make them feel a sense of empowerment above their normal mental states, but, withdrawing from these types of drugs leaves excessive fatigue and dysphoric senses with major depression and emotional instability.

Opioids, on the other hand, have been touted as a drug of the “gods” with a long history of pain relief, sedation, and calming effects, combined with an overall pleasurable feeling throughout the body. During withdrawal, however, the reduced pain threshold of a regular opioid user becomes overly apparent when the body rebels from lack of the drug’s presence.

Considering an Outpatient vs Inpatient Drug Detox Center

Drug detox centers that provide services in an outpatient setting can offer many of the services one might find in an inpatient drug detox center. The variable differences may involve cost, duration requirements to remain in the facility 24 hours a day, readily available resources to medical or psychiatric care, and immediate access to follow-up treatment.

Depending on possible complications that may arise in a person suffering co-existing physical or mental health disorders, the levels of safety and support in their home environments, and the intensity of services required to help them through the process, the majority of individuals will undergo the detox for the acute symptoms in an inpatient setting for 3-5 days and transfer to another program afterwards.


Look for accreditations of drug detox centers that may specialize in your type of drug dependence because some may be more adept than others with well trained staff that can be meet your unique needs. You will want to find a facility that is qualified to provide the proper amount of observation, safety, and interventions possible to make the most of your time in recovery.

Accreditation information is available from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration Facility Locator @http://findtreatment.samhsa.gov/ or by asking the facility to provide their licensing information.

Types of Drug Detox Centers

Drug Detox Center

Some detox centers offer 12 step meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

You may wish to choose a drug detox center that is faith based rather than clinical if you have spiritual inclinations. Beyond the faith-based teachings of these centers they often use the 12-Step recovery approach adopted from Alcoholics Anonymous which has proven helpful in sustaining long term abstinence for individuals through mutual group support.

Another detox program offering peer based support is a residential detox where the person can stay within a home environment as long as they need to get over the psychological implications of drug abuse as well as the physical.

Because the majority of drug detox centers are private centers offering a wide range of options in amenities, payment acceptance, treatment approaches and alternatives, the choice remains up to the individual on where they wish to go. You want to choose a place where you can be comfortable in the detox process as well as the program staff’s abilities and environment safety.

Medical and Resource Access

Co-existing physical or mental health concerns need to be assessed before undergoing detox treatments to determine any precautions necessary to prevent complications that withdrawals may cause or exacerbate. Other resources to psychiatric care, counseling services, family resources and after care can make a big difference in remaining in the detox treatment for the necessary time it will take to get the drugs out of the system.


Cost considerations are always an issue and while some drug detox centers may be free or have reduced fees based on income, insurance plans through employment, Medicaid, and the new rules under the Affordable Care Act, make paying for treatment much easier and you don’t have to go to a luxurious or costly facility for it to be effective.

Choosing Medication Assistance

Outpatient detox using methadone or buprenorphine is a recommended treatment choice for those who have an opioid dependence lasting more than a year through Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) providers.

These providers offer outpatient opioid detox programs using methadone which can be extended up to 180 days, but, requiring the person to attend the drug detox center daily for dosing until they can establish responsible management of take home doses. Other OTP providers may offer buprenorphine that has less prescription restrictions and can be obtained through registered physicians within an office based setting making detox convenient, confidential, and in line with other medical practices. Using methadone or buprenorphine to detox can be terminated at the discretion of the clinician and patient by tapering off the medications gradually or transferring to a maintenance program for ongoing therapy.

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