5 Reasons to Use a Medical Zohydro ER Detox

Zohydro ER, is the brand name for extended release hydrocodone. Doctors prescribe this medication to treat moderate to severe persistent or chronic pain. Unfortunately, like most opioid drugs, Zohydro ER is addictive. Just being on it exposes you to the risk of becoming dependent on it. This dependence often leads to abuse, addiction, and if you decide to stop taking it, withdrawal. Fortunately, there are medical Zohydro ER detox programs to help you.

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1. You Receive Medication for Withdrawal During a Medical Detox

During a medical detox, you a doctor will evaluate you and you will receive medication for the withdrawal symptoms. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, these medications are:

Zohydro ER Detox

Counseling is provided in medical detox facilities.

Each of these medications helps to prevent withdrawal and helps to treat any chronic pain you might be experiencing.

If you want to detox medically but do not need to continue on a painkiller, you can also use supplemental medication. Some of the supplemental medications that doctors use are:

  • Anti-diarrheals
  • Anti-emetics
  • Anti-anxiety
  • Anti-nausea

These medications work to treat many of the symptoms of withdrawal without the risk of a second addiction.

2. You can Start Addiction Counseling Right Away

A major part of successfully treating an addiction is counseling. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, counseling helps to:

  • Modify your behaviors that cause your drug use
  • Change the way that you think about using drugs
  • Help you adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • Teach you the life skills that you need
  • Keep you on an overall treatment program

They use a number of counseling methods to help you. Each method is tailored to your needs to make sure that you are successful.

3. Medical Detox Helps Prevent Relapse

A medical detox reduces the chance that you will relapse during the Zohydro ER withdrawal. Some people describe opioid withdrawal as the worst withdrawal out of any of the other classes of drugs. Although it is not deadly, it is extremely unpleasant to go through.

Withdrawal is one of the major causes of relapse. When you relapse, you go back to using Zohydro ER or another opioid medication and all of your hard work to get away it is erased.

4. Medical Detox Reduces Your Risk of Relapse Related Overdose

Relapses often cause overdoses. When you go back to using after detox and withdrawal, your tolerance is significantly lower. It is exceptionally easy to overdose on your normal dose. If you go back to taking Zohydro ER, you may wind up taking too much and finding yourself in a hospital.

5. You will Receive Support During Withdrawal, you Do Not have to do it Alone

You will also receive support during your withdrawal. Withdrawal is a very frightening time and without a support structure, there is a good chance you will not make it through without relapsing.  It is much easier with the support you will receive from a medical detox facility.

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