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ACTS AARF Adult Detox Tampa FL

2214 East Henry Avenue
Tampa, FL 33610


The ACTS Adult Addictions Receiving Facility, also known as the AARF, offers inpatient detoxification, stabilization, assessment, and referral services to substance dependent adults or those with co-occurring substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Service Setting

  • Residential Detoxification


  • Sliding Fee Scale
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Primary Focus

  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment
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Services Provided

  • Drug & Alcohol Detox
  • Continued Care Referrals
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Type of Care

  • Inpatient Detox for Adults

About Agency for Community Treatment Servs (ACTS)/Adult Detox

The mission of the ACTS Adult Addition Receiving Facility is to provide a therapeutic environment that ensures a safe detoxification and supports the physical, mental, and emotional stabilization of individuals with substance abuse and /or co-occurring psychiatric disorders. The staff strive to provide personal, comprehensive assessments and individualized referrals to community services and recovery programs.

Length of stay is usually 3 to 5 days. Individuals may stay longer on a voluntary basis awaiting placement, only when coordinated by the Case Staffing Team. The facility is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Plans for continuing care begin at the time of admission. Prior to discharge, recommendations are made in conference with the person served based on individual needs and treatment preferences.

Treatment Options

Agency for Community Treatment Servs (ACTS)/Adult Detox offers the following treatment options and services:

• Comprehensive Assessment
• Medical Withdrawal Protocols
• Structured Groups
• Individual Counseling
• Physician’s Examination
• Health Information & Life Skills
• HIV/TB Education & Testing
• 12 Step Meetings
• Urine Drug Testing
• Recreational Activities
• Recommendations & Referrals


Patient responsibilities are to provide necessary admission items and participation as follows:

  • Picture ID
  • Healthcare/Insurance Information
  • Prescribed medication in labeled pharmacy containers
  • Participation in ongoing assessment processes
  • Participation in group curriculum
  • Payment for assessment/intake

Admission types are as follows:


  • Marchman Protective Custody via Law Enforcement
  •  Emergency via Physician Certificate and Application
  • Marchman Act Court Order
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