Religious Considerations in Detox Centers

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According to the National Library of Medicine, spirituality and religion can help someone through a difficult time such as detoxing or going through drug withdrawal. Although there are many programs that combine religion and detox there are also many that do not. The most common religious based programs are the 12 step programs such as alcoholics anonymous. These programs are not for everyone. In order to make an informed decision on detox centers that fit with your religious and spiritual beliefs it is a good idea to know what is out there.

Faith Based 12 Step Programs

The most common faith based detox programs are 12 step programs. These programs believe in giving your detoxification and recovery over to a higher power. This higher power takes the burden from you and you are able to work on other things without the weight on your shoulders. Most of these spiritual programs are alike and follow the 12 steps including the final steps that resemble evangelism in some respects. This makes many shy away from these programs.

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Catholic Detox Centers

Detox Centers

Catholic detox programs are highly structured and have strict guidelines.

There are Catholic specific detox programs. These programs allow a person of the catholic faith to detox in one of their facilities. These facilities are often catholic based hospitals, convents, or monasteries. Theses detox centers have very specific rules and are extremely structured depending on the exact program you are in. If you are interested in one of these programs speak to your priest or other clergyman.

Nondenominational Detox Programs

Nondenominational detox programs are probably the most common type of detox program available. These programs are usually conducted in standard detox facilities with and religious figures are brought it if the patient desires it. There is no emphasis on any particular religion or spirituality but the religious and spiritual experience is still there.

Christian Detox Programs

Christian detox programs are similar to those for Catholics but not as strict. You have to be Christian and many of these centers are willing to help you convert if you would like to. Most of these programs are inundated with the Christian faith. If you are not into religion or do not want a religious experience during detox this might not be the place for you.

Hindu, Buddhist, and other Religious Programs

These are not specifically detox centers or rather they are not specifically for drug detox. They believe in detoxing the entire person, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Most of these places are similar to temples or ashrams and welcome any who are willing to cleanse themselves of drugs and learn about a better existence.

How to Find a Detox Program that Fits Your Religion

None of these detox programs are better than the others. Whether you involve religion in your detox depends on your religious choice. Each person is different and no one can be forced into a religious or spiritual belief against their will regardless of the state they are in. For more information on the different religious based detox centers call use at 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) .

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