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Clarity Way drug and alcohol treatment facility in PA provides intensive, individualized addiction treatment programs tailored to each client. From medically monitored detoxification through addiction treatment and aftercare, we offer clients the medical, behavioral, emotional and physical support needed for long-term recovery.

Service Setting

  • Residential Detoxification


  • Cash or Self-pay
  • Private Health Insurance
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Primary Focus

  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment
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Services Provided

  • Drug & Alcohol Detox
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehab
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Pain Management
  • Therapies
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Type of Care

  • Luxury Residential

About Clarity Way Inc

The goal of detoxification is to begin healing the body, so clients are physically and mentally ready to begin the work of recovery in treatment. Our medical team provides discreet, safe, medically monitored detoxification in a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility. Our detox team includes a board-certified addiction medicine physician, nurses and therapists who help ease any physical withdrawal symptoms or emotional distress during detox from drugs and alcohol. Our therapy dog, Cooper, has also been known to visit clients in detox to provide comfort and a grounding, calming presence.

Clarity Way accepts clients with complex medical detox and treatment needs. Our medical director is a board-certified addiction medicine physician who is highly credentialed and a sought-after national speaker on addiction topics. We’re skilled in treating clients with specialized treatment needs including:

  • PICC lines
  • Enlarged hearts from drinking
  • Methadone addiction
  • Addictions to multiple medications and/or substances (benzos, alcohol, antidepressants, etc.)
  • Polypharmacy issues
  • Pain management issues and painkiller addiction
  • Infections, disabilities, diabetes or co-occurring mental health disorders

Our medical director carefully assesses each client’s situation to determine the best course of care. Our main goal is to make sure that detox is as comfortable and safe as possible. Whether medical detox involves taper schedules or medically assisted therapy, clients and their families can rest assured that our goal is to alleviate discomfort. Some research-backed medications we draw upon include Suboxone and Vivitrol for opioid use disorders, Librium for alcohol withdrawal, and antidepressants or anti-anxiety medications for psychiatric symptoms. We also integrate alternative approaches into the detox process like biofeedback, massage and acupuncture to help ease withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, anxiety and muscle tension or aches.

Withdrawal from alcohol and other drugs is different for everyone. Because symptoms can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening, it’s important to detoxify in the care of an experienced medical team. At Clarity Way, we give clients the support and medical care they need to comfortably and safely make this crucial first step in recovery.

Once a client safely detoxes from substances, we design an individualized treatment plan that addresses the root causes of their addiction as well as the person’s psychological, physical and spiritual needs.

Treatment Options

Along with drug and alcohol detox, Clarity Way also offers the following treatment options:

  • Dual Diagnosis Care
  • Drug & Alcohol Rehab
  • Non-12-Step Options
  • Pain Management


Clarity Way allows clients to access their electronics. We have a standard five-day blackout period, during which clients’ electronics are safely locked up. This time allows clients to get acclimated to the facility and detox without distraction. After this period, clients have access to their electronics so that they can maintain their lives outside of treatment and learn to balance their work, family life and social media/internet use with their recovery. Our clinical team may make exceptions on an individual basis if electronic usage impedes treatment in any way.


Set in the rolling hills of South Central Pennsylvania, Clarity Way private rehab center provides holistic treatment for substance abuse and co-occurring disorders in a home-like setting that includes luxurious accommodations and amenities.

Longer stays in alcohol and drug rehab yield the best chances for long-term recovery. When clients are in a setting where they feel nurtured and comfortable, they are more likely to complete treatment. Home-like comfort and concierge-level amenities and services where all of their needs are attended to, allow clients to focus on the work of recovery, without being distracted by anything lacking in their treatment experience.

Some amenities include:

  • Well-Appointed Rooms
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Art Studio
  • Massage Room
  • Recreation Room
  • Business Center
  • Music Studio
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