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Mountain Laurel Recovery Center Westfield, PA

355 Church Street
Westfield, PA 16950


Mountain Laurel Recovery Center is grounded in the belief that long-term recovery is possible for everyone who desires it. Our fundamental goal is to restore the individual to a healthier, happier, and more productive life, free from dependence on alcohol, addictive chemicals, and the destructive behaviors associated with addiction.

Service Setting

  • Residential Detoxification


  • Private Health Insurance
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Primary Focus

  • Addiction Recovery Treatment
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Services Provided

  • Detox Services
  • Extended Care
  • Family Program
  • Intervention Services
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Type of Care

  • Residential

About Mountain Laurel Recovery Center

Mountain Laurel Recovery Center offers inpatient detox treatment provided by compassionate, highly trained professionals. Our detox services include 24-hour nursing care, support staff, and physicians to meet anticipated and/or unanticipated medical needs.

We provide detox services for those suffering from opiate, alcohol, and benzodiazepine withdrawal. We understand that the detoxification process can be both physically and emotionally difficult. Our goal is to make this process comfortable so our residents can begin working on what matters most: kick-starting their journey into recovery!

During the detox period, clients meet with our knowledgeable and caring counselors and recovery coaches who will assist them through this difficult but transformative process. Residents also have access to focus groups that meet on site during the daytime and evening hours. Focus group meetings assist our residents in the recovery process by instilling the 12-step philosophy in all group work. Medical groups will be available to assist in decreasing anxiety levels, teach coping skills, and explain the detox process so our residents are educated and prepared throughout the entirety of the process.

Overall, the staff at Mountain Laurel Recovery Center is honored and feels it is a privilege to take care of our residents with compassion and respect as they transform their lives into ones of sobriety and well being!


Mountain Laurel Recovery Center’s location provides the perfect environment for detoxification and residential treatment services. Our 25 acre facility offers the perfect setting for the individual seeking to live a life free from dependence on alcohol and other drugs and the destructive behaviors that are part of that addictive lifestyle.

  • Fitness Room
  • Executive Chef
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