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601 North Frio Street
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San Antonio, TX 78207


Service Setting

  • residential detoxification


  • cash or self-pay
  • Medicaid
  • medicare
  • state financed health insurance other than Medicaid
  • private health insurance


  • sliding fee scale
  • payment assistance (check facility for details)
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Primary Focus

  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment
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Services Provided

  • Detox
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Type of Care

  • Outpatient Treatment

About Center for Healthcare Services Restoration Center

The Center for Healthcare Services Restoration Center is located in San Antonio, Texas, a locale fondly referred to as “every Texan’s favorite city.” With San Antonio being one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States, our facility has had the opportunity to serve people from all walks of life.

First established in 2008, our facility has a staff that’s committed to helping individuals take back their lives from addiction in all its forms. Whether your drug of choice is heroin, cocaine or alcohol, our detox programs can help you break the cycle of substance abuse in your daily life.

The Center for Healthcare Services Restoration Center offers outpatient-based detox care as well as a court-appointed detox treatment program. In addition to medical care, our programs also offer behavioral treatments that help you work through the mental dysfunction that fuels substance abuse.

The duration of our detox programs can vary based on program type and your overall condition upon first entering treatment. If you’re looking for detox treatment help, the services available through our facility will more than likely be able to meet your treatment needs.

Treatment Options

Detoxing from a drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult, to say the least. If you’ve already tried to stop using on your own with little success, you well know how developing cravings and physical discomfort makes it all but impossible to maintain abstinence for any length of time. The odds of successfully making it through the detox stage increases considerably when you find a program that can provide the types of supports you need.

The Restoration Center offers two treatment program options: Intensive Outpatient Services and the Substance Use Public Sobering Unit. Our Substance Use Public Sobering Unit in particular offers a detox treatment alternative to individuals who are at risk of going to jail.

While both programs offer the sames types of services, our Substance Use Public Sobering Unit operates as an inpatient-based program.

Available treatment options include:

  • Drug education and counseling
  • Medical treatments to help with withdrawal symptoms
  • 24-hour monitoring and supervision (inpatient unit)
  • Motivational therapies


The Center for Healthcare Services Restoration Center is heavily invested in helping people from all walks of life overcome the effects of addiction in their lives. Subsequently, our program offers a range of amenities that service homeless individuals, people in need of healthcare as well as individuals suffering from severe mental illness. In effect, substance abuse and addiction runs extremely high within these population groups and the first step to overcoming addiction is detox treatment.

Our amenity programs not only help you overcome the effects of addiction in your life, but also help you get back on your feet and make a fresh start. Program offerings include:

  • An Extended Observation Unit for individuals
  • A Mommies Program, which treats pregnant women who struggle with heroin addiction
  • A Crisis Care Center
  • Opioid addiction treatment services


In light of the range of programs and services we offer, the Center for Healthcare Services Restoration Center works hard to maintain a safe and stable environment where people in need of detox help can receive the care they need. We do this is by setting program policy guidelines for staff and patients alike.

Policy guidelines help maintain a sense of stability and structure in that everyone knows what’s expected of them. Our program policies include the following:

  • No drugs or alcohol on the facility grounds
  • Treatment staff must abide by privacy and confidentiality rules when discussing or handling patient records
  • Codes of conduct where everyone is treated with respect
  • No smoking except in designated areas

If you’re looking for detox treatment help in San Antonio, Texas, the Center for Healthcare Services Restoration Center can help. Please don’t hesitate to call our toll-free helpline at 866-351-3840(Who Answers?) for more information on our program offerings.

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