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About Solace Counseling Assoicates PLLC

About Solace Counseling Associates PLLC
Located in the fourth largest city in the United States, Solace Counseling Associates PLLC of Dallas, Texas offers opiate detox treatment services. Our Dallas, Texas locale enables us to serve people throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area and beyond.
Solace Counseling Associates employs licensed professionals who are dedicated to helping individuals and families recover from the scourge of opiate addiction. Whether you’re in the early stages or a long-time opiate user, if you’re unable to stop abusing these drugs on your own, there’s a definite need for some form of detox treatment help.
Our program provides standard detoxification treatment services as well as medication-based therapies that specifically treat opiate withdrawal symptoms. We also help you develop the types of coping skills needed to live drug-free on a continuous basis as part of our detox treatment approach. With experience in treating most all forms of opiate addiction, we can help you make it through the detox stage and break addiction’s grip off your life.
Treatment Options
Opiate detox can be a difficult stage to complete considering the uncomfortable, and sometimes painful,  withdrawal effects that develop along the way. These effects develop out of the changes opiate abuse cause to the brain and body’s systems. Solace Counseling Associates offer treatment options that help reduce uncomfortable withdrawal effects, which greatly increases your likelihood of successfully competing the detox stage.
Our Intensive Outpatient Program and our Standard Outpatient Detoxification Program both provide the treatment supports needed to break the drug abuse cycle. The two programs differ in the level of supports offered with our intensive program best suited for individuals recovering chronic or long-term opiate abuse.
Treatment program options include:

Personalized treatment planning
Medical evaluation
Suboxone medication therapy
Subutex detox medication therapy

The Suboxone and Subutex medication therapy options in particular work especially well if you’ve tried other forms of detox treatment with little to no success. These medications work to stabilize the body’s system and provide considerable relief from opiate withdrawal effects during the detox stage.
While providing relief from opiate withdrawal effects is a big part of our detox treatment approach, it’s also important to treat the destructive thinking and behavior that develops with addiction. Depending on the severity of the addiction, opiate effects can cause full-blown psychological disorders, such as depression and panic attacks to develop alongside the addiction problem.
Solace Counseling Associates PLLC offers additional program services to address these harmful effects. Services offered include:

Treatment for co-occurring psychological disorders
Drug education and counseling
Group therapy
One-on-one therapy
Family counseling
Relapse prevention skill training

When left untreated, the addiction mindset will drive you back to drug-using behavior. When properly confronted and addressed, you’ll be able to see the signs and avoid acting on destructive thinking patterns. Our program treats both the physical and psychological effects of opiate addiction by combining the therapeutic benefits of medication therapy with this course of treatment.
An effective detox treatment program not only treats the damage left behind by addiction, but also provides a treatment setting that’s conducive to healing and growth. A stable environment that promotes openness and respect is essential to the addiction recovery process. For these reasons, Solace Counseling Associates PLLC adheres to a set of program policy guidelines to ensure your safety and sense of security during your time in treatment.
Our program policies include the following:

Personal accountability
No alcohol or drugs allowed on the grounds
Must obtain prior approval for visitors (friends, family) to take part in your treatment
Staff abide by privacy and confidentiality guidelines regarding patient information

All in all, Solace Counseling Associates PLLC offers a full spectrum of treatment supports to help you take back your life from opiate addiction’s hold. Please feel free to call our helpline at 800-483-2193(Who Answers?) for more information on our program offerings.


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Levels of Care

  • Outpatient
  • PHP
  • Dual Diagnosis

Detox Service Setting

  • Outpatient Detox
  • MAT


  • Adult (18+)
  • Young Adult (18 - 25)
  • Women
  • Men

Payment Options

  • Private Insurance


  • Private transportation

Medications Offered

  • Acamprosate
  • Buprenorphine
  • Naltrexone (Vivitrol)

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