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  • outpatient detoxification
  • outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone


  • cash or self-pay
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  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment
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  • Detox
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  • Outpatient Treatment

About Texas Treatment Services DBA Hemphill Treatment Services

Located in Fort Worth, Texas, Texas Treatment Services DBA Hemphill Treatment Services offers detox treatment options for individuals struggling with substance abuse problems. With Fort Worth rated as one of the Top 10 Downtown locales in the nation, our facility is able to serve the Fort Worth area as well as people living in the surrounding regions.

Texas Treatment Services DBA Hemphill Treatment employs licensed, certified addiction professionals who are committed to helping you eliminate the effects of substance abuse in your life. Our facility is also a member of the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities as well as a SAMHSA-certified Opioid Treatment Program.

Available program options range from standard outpatient care to methadone detox treatment. Our programs are designed to treat both alcohol and drug abuse problems along with specialized programs for opiate-based addictions. If you’re looking for a detox program in the Fort Worth area, Texas Treatment Services is there to help.

Treatment Options

Finding a program that’s right for you is half the battle when dealing with an addiction problem. This is especially the case during the early stages of recovery. In the absence of needed treatment supports, the risk of relapse runs high during detox, and also after completing detox.

Whether you’re coming off an alcohol, opiate or cocaine addiction, the discomfort of detox withdrawal can easily overpower your ability to abstain from using. Texas Treatment Services DBA Hemphill Treatment offers programs designed to treat different stages and severities of withdrawal using evidence-based treatment approaches.

Treatment program options include:

  • Alcohol outpatient detox
  • Drug outpatient detox
  • Methadone outpatient detox
  • Buprenorphine outpatient detox

Both methadone and buprenorphine detox treatment use medication therapies to help relieve detox withdrawal discomfort. These medications are specifically designed to treat opiate-based addictions. So if you’re recovering from a heroin or prescription pain pill addiction, detox programs that use these medication therapies may work well for you.


The effects of drug and alcohol abuse disrupt the mind’s internal workings just as much as it disrupts the body. While relieving withdrawal discomfort is a primary goal of detox treatment, the mental workings that contribute to substance-abusing behaviors must also be addressed.

After so many months or years of drug or alcohol abuse, you gradually develop patterns of thinking and behavior that correspond with the addiction lifestyle. Texas Treatment Services DBA Hemphill Treatment offers a range of amenities in the form of behavioral treatment interventions, all of which work to help you develop a solid foundation in the recovery process.

Program amenities offered include:

  • One-on-on counseling
  • Support groups
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Motivation therapies
  • Relapse prevention training

Behavior-based treatment interventions prepare you for the temptations and challenges you’ll face once you complete detox treatment. In effect, this aspect of detox recovery gets to the root of the addiction problem and helps you develop a healthy mindset that doesn’t need drugs or alcohol to cope with daily life.


Texas Treatment Services DBA Hemphill Treatment abides by certain policy guidelines for the purpose of maintaining safe and orderly treatment programs. Policy guidelines address how staff and patients should conduct themselves within the treatment setting.

Program policies include the following:

  • No drugs or alcohol on the premises, including over-the-counter medications
  • Smoking allowed in designated areas
  • Staff required to enforce any and all privacy and confidentiality rules involving patient records
  • Rules of conduct that prohibit violence and disrespectful behavior

With detox treatment being the first stage of the recovery process, it’s all the more important to ensure you choose a program that can actually help you stop abusing substances. Our programs are designed to offer personalized treatment care, which helps ensure you receive the types of treatment supports you need to put an end to drug and alcohol-using practices.

For more information on our program offerings, call our helpline at 800-483-2193(Who Answers?).

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