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About Aliviane NO/AD Inc Methadone Clinic

Located in El Paso, Texas, Aliviane NO/AD Inc Methadone Clinic resides within the eastern part of Texas’ Basin and Range Region. With El Paso’s close proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border, our facility offers both English-speaking and Spanish-speaking services.

First established in 1970, Aliviane NO/AD Inc Methadone Clinic operates as a non-profit, community-based agency that specializes in treating opiate-based addiction problems. Our facility staff are certified professionals in the addictions field and are dedicated to helping individuals and families overcome addiction’s effects in their lives.

We offer detox treatment services as well as ongoing supports to help you maintain a drug-free lifestyle long after the detox stage ends. Our program can help you get past the seemingly overwhelming withdrawal pains that come with detox and develop the type of lifestyle that can support continued abstinence from opiate abuse.

If you or someone you know are considering detox treatment, our program can help you take the first steps towards living a healthy, drug-free life.

Treatment Options

Whether your drug of choice is heroin, fentanyl or oxycodone, opiate-based drugs cause extensive damage to the brain and body when used in excess. Repeated abuse of these substances leaves you unable to manage daily life without the drug’s effects. With each passing day, it becomes more and more difficult to stop drug use on your own.

Aliviane NO/AD Inc Methadone Clinic offers the types of treatment supports that make it possible to stop abusing opiates and take steps towards building a healthy, productive life. Treatment options made available through our program include:

  • Outpatient care
  • Methadone detoxification
  • Methadone maintenance treatment, for cases where withdrawal effects persist long after the 30-day detox stage ends
  • Buprenorphine outpatient treatment
  • Vivitrol outpatient treatment

Methadone, buprenorphine and Vivitrol treatments, in particular, act as medication therapies that work especially well at relieving opiate withdrawal symptoms. So if you’re coming off a chronic or long-term opiate addiction, these programs can be of great benefit.


Addiction, in any form, is a very personal experience. While the effects of the drug remain the same regardless of who’s using it, each person’s experiences, fears and emotional baggage affect how addiction plays out in his or her life. For these reasons, Aliviane NO/AD Inc Methadone Clinic offers addiction treatment amenities to help personalize your treatment experience.

Program amenities include the following:

  • Christian-based addiction treatment
  • Holistic treatment approaches
  • Treatment assistance for the hearing impaired
  • Women-based addiction treatment
  • Integrated treatment for co-occurring conditions, such depression and addiction or anxiety disorder and addiction

Ultimately, these services help you work through the underlying issues that aggravate drug-using urges. This part of the treatment process is essential to treating the root of the addiction problem.


Going from a life of opiate abuse to detox treatment means leaving the addiction lifestyle behind and starting a new life. Likewise, this transition process requires an environment that promotes safety and stability in order for healing and growth to take place.

Aliviane NO/AD Inc Methadone Clinic works to create this type of environment by enforcing certain program policy guidelines. Policy guidelines are designed to create the type of structure that makes addiction recovery possible.

Our program policy guidelines include:

  • Staff must adhere to privacy and confidentiality rules when handling patient medical records
  • No drugs or alcohol on the premises
  • Personal accountability
  • Treating others with respect

All in all, our program caters to individuals who struggle with opiate addiction and have had little to no success with other types of treatment programs. If this describes you, our program offers the types of treatment support you need to eliminate opiate addiction’s effects from your life.

For more information about our program offerings, call 800-483-2193(Who Answers?).

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