Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in Rogers, AR

Rogers, AR residents have been struck by a serious drug abuse epidemic, just like many other large, southern cities. Unfortunately, those who attempt to put an end to their substance abuse without treatment often find it extremely difficult. Detox is one such option for treatment that many individuals attend early in recovery in order to go through withdrawal safely and under the supervision of medical professionals.

We are here to help you find the best, most effective drug and alcohol detox centers in Rogers, AR for your recovery from substance dependence. Call 501-596-0833(Who Answers?) now to speak with a treatment advisor or use our directory to find the best options for your needs.

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Don't allow addiction to take away another minute of your life. Arkansas detox centers can help you get well by providing you with a safe, clean, focused treatment environment that you can begin to heal in. If you're ready to get sober, call 501-596-0833(Who Answers?) today for help.

Choosing Rogers Detox Centers that are Right for You or a Loved One

According to the University of Arkansas, methamphetamine abuse is having a serious impact on Benton County where Rogers, AR lies. No matter what type of substance you are abusing, if you believe you have become addicted to and/or dependent on it, you will need professional help in drug and alcohol detox centers in Rogers, AR.

Inpatient and residential Rogers drug detox centers offer patients 24-hour care in order to put an end to their dependence on drugs. However, some individuals do not need this type of intense treatment, and they may instead choose to seek outpatient detox. Whatever type of care you choose, however, most detox facilities provide patients with

  • A trained medical staff
  • Medications to treat withdrawal symptoms
  • Therapy to help patients get a jumpstart on addiction treatment
  • An easy transition from detox to addiction treatment

In addition, some Rogers alcohol detox and drug detox centers also offer holistic programs for withdrawal treatment, which many individuals find extremely helpful for recovery.

How Will I Pay for Drug and Alcohol Detox in Rogers, Arkansas

As stated by the US Department of Health and Human Services, 6 percent of Arkansas high school students admitted to the nonmedical use of prescription painkillers in the past 12 months, which was 1 percent higher than the national average. Rogers drug detox centers exist to help those struggling with substance dependence find help and go through withdrawal safely.

However, many people feel they will not be able to find a treatment program they can afford, given the fact that substance abuse can cause serious financial problems. The truth is, though, you can get sober by seeking safe, effective care in Rogers alcohol detox and drug detox centers with a number of different payment assistance options.

  • Most detox facilities accept most major insurance companies. Any plan purchased on the Healthcare Marketplace should also cover at least part (if not all) of your care.
  • Medicare and Medicaid are also options for paying for addiction treatment and detox.
  • Certain populations, like military veterans and Native Americans, have specific assistance programs in order to help them afford the care they need.
  • Many detox facilities offer payment assistance in the form of low-cost or even free treatment.

Even if you do have to pay out-of-pocket costs for care, most facilities will offer you a chance to finance your payment for detox.

Choosing the Best Detox Centers in Rogers

You can seek free, luxury, and low-cost detox programs in Rogers, AR by calling 501-596-0833(Who Answers?) today. We want to help you begin your life anew.

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