Arkansas Detox Centers for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Centrally located in the United States, Arkansas is probably one of the most pristine states in the country. Known as “The Natural State” the local environment is one of nature, outdoor activities, and a climate that is mild and comfortable most of the time. Sadly, addiction to drugs, including crystal meth and heroin, is a major problem in the state.

Arkansas detox centers offer a stepping stone toward recovery providing medical care and intervention services to those who are struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you’re seeking a local solution in Fayetteville, Fort Smith or Little Rock, we can help. For help choosing between the options available to assist you, call 501-596-0833(Who Answers?) today.

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Why Choose Arkansas Detox Centers?

Each patient has their own unique reasons for choosing detox. Maybe you’ve tried quitting already and realize that you just can’t seem to do it on your own? Perhaps you have made it a few days or even weeks without your substance of choice, but you find yourself consistently going back to this habit of substance use despite your best efforts? Maybe you just KNOW how painful withdrawal will be or you recognize the potential dangers of detoxing alone so you’re not even going to consider the option.

No matter what YOUR reason is for choosing Arkansas detox centers, the care and treatment that is offered to you is much the same for each patient. You can expect:

  • Around-the-clock support.
  • Medical intervention to ensure your safety.
  • An atmosphere where drugs and alcohol are strictly prohibited.
  • Interaction with others who are also in recovery.
  • Privacy and protection of your healthcare rights.

Don’t be afraid of detox—and don’t let the potential for withdrawal to derail your recovery goals. Call 501-596-0833(Who Answers?) for information on how to access to the supportive care you deserve.


Drug & Alcohol Detox Statistics

  • 25 Million dollars is budgeted each year by the Arkansas Department of Human Services for detox, treatment, education and other services related to substance abuse.
  • Illicit substances aren’t the only issue in Arkansas, prescription drug abuse is a growing trend throughout the state.
  • 22% of Little Rock teens admit to having taken a prescription drug in the past for “FUN” versus for treatment of a defined illness or problem.

Treatment Approaches

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Our helpline will ask you some simple questions and help you determine whether a particular detox center is right for you.


Caring treatment specialists will work with you to keep you comfortable during withdrawal to prepare you for recovery.


Therapy and counseling are provided to help you discover the core reasons behind your addiction and how to cope without drugs or alcohol.


Follow-up programs and continued attention to recovery assist you in maintaining a sober lifestyle following the treatment received in detox and rehab.

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How Long is Arkansas Alcohol Detox?

The amount of time you spend in alcohol detox depends on various factors. Your health, your addiction, and your involvement in the healing and recovery process can all play a role in the amount of time that you spend in detox.

Here’s a sample alcohol detox timeline:

  • Within the first 8 hours following your last drink you may experience anxiety, nausea and an inability to sleep.
  • During the first 1-3 days of your withdrawal you will experience high blood pressure, elevated heart rate and changes in mood.
  • For severe alcoholics, you may experience hallucinations, seizures, fever and other serious side effects from day 3 on.

Generally, the above symptoms will subside within the first week. Arkansas detox centers offer programs that provide 7-10 days of treatment to accommodate these needs.

How Long is Arkansas Drug Detox?

The type of drug you use, the amount you use and your frequency of use are a few of the many factors that contribute to the amount of time you will spend in drug detox. Benzos and certain other prescription drugs take longer to detox from because you must taper slowly for your safety.

Underlying health problems, such as mental illness, diabetes or chronic pain can trigger longer treatment times. Generally speaking, drug detox will take 7-10 days for you to begin to feel better although cravings and other side-effects of withdrawal may persist for up to 60 days or more depending on your unique situation.

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Detox Centers in AR

Deciding between inpatient and outpatient detox can be challenging. You’re likely inclined to consider outpatient treatment first because it’s more affordable and convenient, but it’s not always the best choice.

Outpatient detox is ONLY acceptable if you are lightly addicted, can say “NO” to drugs or alcohol when tempted, and have a VERY strong support network at home.

For all other cases, inpatient detox centers in Arkansas provide you with the best access to treatment options that WILL lead you to recovery. These programs offer around-the-clock medical intervention for your safety and access to a wide range of treatment services that will keep you comfortable during the withdrawal process.

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