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About Lifes Second Chance Treatment Center

About Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center
Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center, a premier provider of medication-assisted addiction treatment, is located in Dallas, Texas. With a population of 1.2 million residents, the city of Dallas affords our program the opportunity to service individuals from various cultures and walks of life.
Specializing in opiate addiction treatment, our program offers detoxification services that are based on the latest developments in the addictions treatment field. Our facility is state certified and employs licensed treatment professionals who are committed to providing the best quality care based on each person’s individual needs.
At Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center, the length of time you spend in treatment will depend on how you progress through the program. So if you’re still at the early stages of opiate abuse, or struggling with a long-term addiction problem, we can help. We offer a full spectrum of amenities that work to ensure you’ll be able to maintain continued abstinence once you complete the detox stage.
Treatment Options
Opiate addiction impacts each person’s life in different ways. Whereas job loss and financial ruin may result for one person, mental illness and severe medical problems may happen upon another. For these reasons, it’s important that the detox program you choose offers the types of treatment supports you need to stop abusing opiates.
Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center offers a range of outpatient detox treatment services to accommodate most anyone wanting to recover from the effects of opiate abuse and addiction. Our treatment options address both the physical and emotional dysfunction that ongoing opiate abuse can cause.
Available treatment options include:

Physical evaluation
Initial drug usage and mental health assessment
Personalized treatment planning that’s based on your specific needs
Medically-supervised withdrawal
Methadone detox

Your need for any one service will depend on the degree to which opiate abuse interferes with your daily life. While most people will require some level of medically-supervised withdrawal help, not everyone will need the added support that methadone detox offers. As a general rule, the more severe the addiction problem the more treatment supports you’ll need to make it through the detox stage.
Once the effects of opiate abuse start to compromise your priorities, judgment and ability to make sound decisions, an addiction problem is at work. Treating only the physical discomforts that come with opiate detox doesn’t address the destructive thinking and behavior that addiction breeds.
Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center provides several amenity services, all which work to help you develop the type of mindset and lifestyle that makes drug-free living possible. Services offered include:

Drug education and counseling
Treatment for psychological conditions that develop as a result of chronic drug abuse, such as depression and generalized anxiety disorders
Group therapy
One-on-one psychotherapy
Relapse prevention skill building
Aftercare planning

Our program also offers specialized detox treatment care to women who are pregnant. Case management and community referral services may also be provided depending on your circumstances and needs.
Addiction recovery is an ongoing process of change and healing that starts at the detox stage. This process requires an atmosphere of trust, stability and a sense of safety in order for you to engage in the treatment process. Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center adheres to a set of policy guidelines in an effort to maintain the type of atmosphere where recovery can take place.
Our program policies include the following:

Program staff must abide by privacy and confidentiality guidelines when discussing or handling patient information
Code of conduct that emphasizes respect towards others
Can only smoke in designated areas
No alcohol or drugs allowed on premises

Overall, our program is designed to help you make it past the uncomfortable withdrawal effects of detox and develop the coping skills needed to maintain continued abstinence after you complete the program. For more information on Life’s Second Chance Treatment Center, please feel free to call our helpline at 800-483-2193(Who Answers?).


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Levels of Care

  • Outpatient

Detox Service Setting

  • MAT
  • Outpatient Detox


  • Adult (18+)
  • Young Adult (18 - 25)
  • Women
  • Men

Payment Options

  • Private Pay
  • Medicaid
  • State Family Services
  • Medicare


  • Joint Commission

Medications Offered

  • Methadone
  • Suboxone

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