Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in San Francisco, CA

Residents of the “Golden Gate City” have seen their fair share of the effects of drug and alcohol abuse and the destruction it leaves behind. When left untreated, substance abuse problems only get worse with time. If you or someone you know struggles with a substance abuse problem, drug and alcohol detox centers in San Francisco, CA are there to help.

Detox.com networks with rehab programs throughout the San Francisco area. We can find a program that will help you eliminate the need for drugs and alcohol in your life. Call 415-797-0842(Who Answers?) to discuss treatment options with someone.


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Don't allow addiction to take away another minute of your life. California detox centers can help you get well by providing you with a safe, clean, focused treatment environment that you can begin to heal in. If you're ready to get sober, call 415-797-0842(Who Answers?) today for help.

Choosing San Francisco Detox Centers that are Right for You or a Loved One

Choosing the right San Francisco alcohol detox or San Francisco drug detox center entails determining what it will take to get you through the detox stage and finding a program that offers the supports you need to reach this goal. Detox program types vary in the types of they offer as well as the environment where treatment actually takes place.

Program types to consider include:

  • Residential facilities
  • Hospital inpatient
  • Outpatient methadone or burpenorphine programs
  • Outpatient care

Residential and hospital inpatient facilities operate as live-in treatment environments. Inpatient programs treat the most severe forms of abuse and addiction, which tend to breed serious medical and psychological problems during the course of drug use. Residential detox programs focus more so on helping you develop daily living habits and behaviors that support drug-free living.

Outpatient methadone/buprenorphine and standard outpatient programs allow you to live at home during the detox stage. Methadone and buprenorphine are medication therapies that provide considerable relief from uncomfortable withdrawal effects, which makes the detox experience easier to bear. Standard outpatient programs provide ongoing counseling and group support, which is helpful but should only be considered as a treatment option during the early stages of drug use.

How Will I Pay for Drug and Alcohol Detox in San Francisco, California

Drug and alcohol detox centers in San Francisco, CA accept several different forms of payment with health insurance being the most commonly used option. Types of health insurance accepted include:

  • Employer-sponsored plans, such as HMOs, EPOs and PPOs
  • Medicaid
  • Medicare
  • Native American tribal funds
  • TRICARE or military insurance
  • Social Security disability

Many detox centers in San Francisco also have payment assistance plans in the event you’re unable to access or qualify for health insurance. Payment assistance plan options typically take the form of:

  • Adjusted payments based on your monthly income earnings, also known as sliding-fee scale
  • Monthly payment arrangements
  • Credit financing
  • Free detox treatment through grant sponsorship

The good new is with so many payment options available, treatment costs need no longer be a barrier to getting drug treatment help. Detox centers in San Francisco can work with you regardless of your financial situation.

Choosing the Best Detox Centers in San Francisco

In 2010, 171 San Francisco residents died from drug overdose with fatality rates increasing each year since. In essence, a drug or alcohol problem left to its own devices will ultimately lead down a bad road. For these reasons, choosing to seek out detox treatment help is the best decision you can make at this point in your life.

At Detox.com, we work with San Francisco drug detox and San Francisco alcohol detox centers throughout the city so we’re well able to find a program that can meet you where you’re at in the recovery process. Call 415-797-0842(Who Answers?) to speak with someone and ask about available treatment options.

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