New Hampshire Detox Centers for Drug & Alcohol Addiction

Treatment is necessary for a safe recovery from substance addiction. Whether you or someone you love is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and needs help, it’s time to seek care in a professional treatment center. And detox is often the best option with which to begin.

Many people in New Hampshire are suffering from drug and alcohol addictions, just like individuals all over the United States. If you need help for this type of substance use disorder, whether you’re living in Concord or Hampstead, you can find it by calling 603-691-2272(Who Answers?) today.

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Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers in New Hampshire

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Why Choose New Hampshire Detox Centers?

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, detox is often suggested as a precursor to addiction treatment in a rehab center. This is because it helps patients work through their withdrawal symptoms in a safe environment before they take on the more intense task of addiction treatment. Many New Hampshire detox centers will also help patients transition into rehab centers after their recovery from withdrawal as well.

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Drug & Alcohol Detox Statistics

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Treatment Approaches

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Our helpline will ask you some simple questions and help you determine whether a particular detox center is right for you.


Caring treatment specialists will work with you to keep you comfortable during withdrawal to prepare you for recovery.


Therapy and counseling are provided to help you discover the core reasons behind your addiction and how to cope without drugs or alcohol.


Follow-up programs and continued attention to recovery assist you in maintaining a sober lifestyle following the treatment received in detox and rehab.

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How Long is New Hampshire Alcohol Detox?

Alcohol detox in a New Hampshire detox facility can take time. Many people need to be in treatment for just withdrawal for at least a few weeks. This is because

  • Delirium tremens, a severe type of alcohol detox, can occur suddenly up to 10 days after the patient’s last drink.
  • Patients who have undergone withdrawal from alcohol before are likely to experience worse symptoms the next time around.
  • Some alcoholics are also abusers of other substances who will need more time in detox to overcome these withdrawal symptoms as well.

It is difficult to determine how long someone’s alcohol withdrawal will take, even if a doctor knows their history. This can make it easier to create a timeline, though, so make sure to talk to your doctor before you begin your treatment in any New Hampshire detox centers for alcohol withdrawal. Call 603-691-2272(Who Answers?) now to learn more about your treatment options.

How Long is New Hampshire Drug Detox?

The type of drug you’re recovering from will greatly affect the amount of time you will need to spend in detox treatment. Whether your substance of abuse was Xanax, oxycodone, or an illicit drug, will inform the timeline of your recovery. In addition, many people abuse more than one substance, which can create a different effect as well.

As stated by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, different patients take different amounts of time going through drug rehab in general. The same applies to detox. Still, you can determine about how long you will need to attend detox treatment based on the type of substance you abused. For example, it generally takes longer to recover from stimulant abuse than from opioid abuse.

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Inpatient vs. Outpatient Detox Centers in NH

Inpatient detox centers in New Hampshire offer 24-hour care to those who need this level of supervision. Often, alcohol detox and benzodiazepine detox need to take place in an inpatient facility. Some individuals may also require this level of care if their addictions are very severe, they are suffering from multiple addictions or mental disorders, or they do not have a strong support system at home.

Not everyone needs inpatient care, though. Some individuals prefer outpatient detox, which often provides all the same treatment options without the level of intensity associated with inpatient detox. These facilities are usually cheaper and better for those who have jobs and have a strong support system of family members and friends (NIDA).

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