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5004 Alameda Avenue
El Paso, TX 79905


Service Setting

  • outpatient methadone/buprenorphine or naltrexone


  • cash or self-pay
  • Medicaid
  • private health insurance
  • military insurance
  • Tribal Funds
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Primary Focus

  • Drug & Alcohol Treatment
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Services Provided

  • Detox
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Type of Care

  • Outpatient Treatment

About MedMark Treatment Centers

MedMark Treatment Centers of El Paso, Texas specializes in treating opiate addiction in all its forms. With El Paso’s location on the U.S.-Mexico border, our facility operates as a bilingual treatment center servicing Texas and Mexican-born citizens alike.

Certified by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, Medmark Treatment Centers El Paso is a state-approved substance abuse agency that employs trained, licensed and experienced treatment professionals. Our staff are committed to providing the best quality addiction treatment in the region.

Our treatment programs center on helping opiate addicted individuals make it through the detox stage of recovery and maintain continued abstinence on a long-term basis. Program services include outpatient care and medication-assisted therapies.

The length of time you spend in our program depends on your particular treatment needs. If you struggle with opiate abuse and addiction and are unable to stop using on your own, Medmark Treatment Centers can help you take back your life from addiction’s grip.

Treatment Options

Getting past the detox stage is crucial to making progress in the recovery process. Unfortunately, opiate cravings have a way of overpowering your ability to follow through on a drug-free lifestyle.

Cravings develop out of a growing dependency on the drug’s effects, which develops on both a physical and psychological level. After so many months or years of opiate abuse, it’s almost impossible to stop using without some type of treatment support in place.

Medmark Treatment Centers El Paso runs an outpatient detox clinic that uses evidence-based treatments to help you manage opiate cravings during this early stage of recovery. Services offered through our program include:

  • Heroin outpatient detox
  • Prescription pain pill outpatient detox, be it oxycodone, fentanyl, codeine or any other type of prescription pain reliever
  • Methadone medication therapy

Methadone medication therapy, in particular, is designed to treat the most severe stages of opiate addiction. Methadone, a federally-approved opiate addiction treatment drug, works wonders at relieving the uncomfortable withdrawal effects that develop during the detox stage.


As difficult as the physical discomfort of detox may be, opiate addiction warps the mind as well as the body’s physical health. This is especially true in cases of chronic or long-term opiate abuse.

More often than not, long-term users develop serious co-occurring medical and psychological problems during the course of abusing drugs. These conditions can make it much more difficult to maintain continued abstinence in detox treatment.

For these reasons, Medmark Treatment Centers offer amenities or support services that address both the physical and mental disorder that opiate abuse leaves behind. Program amenities offered include:

  • Drug education and counseling
  • Medical evaluations
  • Relapse prevention training
  • Working with OB/GYNs in cases involving pregnancy
  • Medical supervision for methadone maintenance treatment recipients
  • Aftercare planning services


Medmark Treatment Centers program policies are in place to ensure your overall safety as well as create an environment of healing and growth. As detoxing can be a difficult time, policy guidelines work to maintain a sense of structure and security during the treatment process.

Medmark program policies include the following:

  • Codes of conduct that emphasize respect for others and personal accountability
  • Staff must adhere to laws regarding patient privacy and confidentiality
  • No smoking except for in designated areas
  • No drugs or alcohol on the premises

While the decision to enter detox treatment seldom comes easy, choosing a program that actually meets your treatment needs can greatly enhance your treatment experience and likelihood of success. Our program provides personalized treatment planning to ensure the services you receive are the services you need. For more information on our program offerings, call our helpline at 800-483-2193(Who Answers?).

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